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At Alankar Decor and Planners, we have serviced over 2000 wedding events.  And not one event has been the same as the last one.  Some brides want traditional, other brides want more fabric and floral.  At Alankar, we can do it all. 

Hindu Weddings

Whether you are North Indian or from the South, we have a variety of mandaps to choose from.  We carry nearly 40 different mandap styles, some a square, some circle, several open style.  And if you aren't into the traditional structure mandaps, we can work with you on what inspires you and build your dream mandap from scratch.

Jewish Weddings

While Alankar is an Indian based decor company, we have serviced many Jewish Indian weddings.  And we have learned that in the Jewish tradition, couples get married under a Chuppa.  A Chuppa is no different than a mandap, where four pillars hold together a gazebo-like structure.  For a unique execution of a Chuppa, you can either pick one from our selection of 40 different mandaps, or we can help custom create one for you.

Muslim Walimas and Nikaahs

Alankar Decors and Planners has worked closely with various Majids and Muslim based associations.  In fact, we work closely with the Pakistani Association of Greater Boston on a variety of their functions.  From creating a nice backdrop for the Nikaah from where the Imam will conduct the ceremony, or a fancy headtable featuring large hookah pipes, candle lit lanterns, and a persian rug, we can make your event look like an Arabian Night.

Sikh Weddings

Whether at the Gudwara or on exception in a banquet facility, we can create a mandap structure and a raised platform for the holy book.  We can leave room surrounding the mandap for the bride and groom to circle the mandap as part of the Sikh wedding ritual.  Separately, we can setup and decorate a seperate stage from where the gurujis will chant the holy Sikh slokhas.  And we can also setup pillows and gadlas for the guest to sit on.

Christian, Catholic and more

Whether you are getting married at the Church, or if you are having an officiant come to conduct your ceremony at a venue, we can offer many different aisle way setups and a nice elegant back drop for your alter.   As you can probably see, we are not limited to any such religion, but our decor is universal that it can be applied to any setting or function.


Sangeet, Mehendi, Garba

With over a 1000 different dialects in India, each tradition is slightly different.  But each event is similar from the perspective of being vibrant, colorful and exciting.  Some call the night before wedding their sangeet, others call is a Mehendi, and some celebrate dancing like in a Garba.  At Alankar decors, we can decorate your venue in a variety of different ways.  Maybe you want gadlas around the room representing your gham in India, or you want pillows and low couches for your Qawali band to play, or maybe you want your room to be modern with LED furniture and have your vibe be like Nikki beach in Miami.  the possibilities are endless.



For the reception setup, this is where we like to work with the bride the closest.  We have teamed up with the latest designers, and with your inspiration we can come up with the reception setup of your dream.  Maybe its a floating picture frame, or upside down umbrellas, or a waterfall of flowers, we can build it all.  With just a little creativity, your inspiration, Alankar can leave your guest in awe.


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